How To Use PS1 MCR Memory Card Save Files with ePSXe

Hello, this is the webmaster of
So one of the features that my website offers is that every RPG I have shrined has a complete
collection of periodical game saves. Meaning you can continue an RPG at any significant point
in the game. This is so that if your computer crashes or for any other reason you lose your
saved position in an RPG thanks to my saves you could continue pretty much where you left
off. Isn’t that great?! Anyway in this tutorial I will precisely show you how to use the PlayStation
1 game saves that are available in my for ePSXe. So here is my ePSXe folder. So
for this tutorial I will be using Castlevania Symphony of the Night. So I the BIN file here
and I also have one of my Castlevania game save zip files. So the first step is to extract
the memory card file from the zip file. And I have WinRAR installed so your zip files
won’t quite behave as mine are. By default Windows uses compressed folders to handle
zip files. And they work they exact same way as a regular folder does. So you can just
double-click and open them up and copy and drag over the game save file. So let’s do
that. I am going to drag out epsxe000.mcr which is the first memory card file. And I
am going to cut it and I am going to move it into memcards (the memory cards folder).
And I am going to paste it. Yes, Replace. Now, a warning. When you replace the memory
card file here, if you have any other saves in that memory card file they will be deleted
so you might want to make a backup if you have anything in there. So now that I moved
it over I am going to test it. So I’m double-click on ePSXe.exe. And since I have a BIN file
I am going to “Run ISO”. Double-clicking on Castlevania. And the game is loading. C’mon,
you can do it. There we go. The Konami demo. So Continue. Press Start. (Ah, which key do I have for Start…) There we go. Choosing File select. Selecting my game save. Let’s see if it works. I’m in the Coliseum. Awesome,
so it works. Fantastic. And that concludes my tutorial on using the PlayStation 1 game saves available in my If you have any further questions, the fastest way to reach me is to contact me via when you click on Contact. If you message me here on YouTube you may not get a prompt response. Anyway, enjoy the saves! Yay!

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  1. ESPXE 1.8, i have the folder that says memory card, but I cant get anything to save onto it… nor can I find a memory card file inside the actual game folder or replace anything :l

  2. That's very strange. ePSXe creates the memory cards automatically upon opening the first time and allows you to save in games by default. Right-click the folder where ePSXe resides and go to Properties, make sure this folder is NOT read-only.

  3. Yes, my ePSXe tutorial has directions with screen shots on how to do that. In this video's description look for the link to my Video Game Emulation help site, click ePSXe tutorial, then look for "Memory card: Copying/Moving/Deleting saves"

  4. Sorry Wequendi, save states can't be transferred between emulators. You need to save the game to memory card (within the game) and copy over the MCR file.

  5. Problem. I was playing on epsxe (1.9.0) Crash Team Racing and theres a glitch in Dingo Canyon Relic race, so I had to try and download another CTR game. So once I did that on the same folder, I can't seem to find any saves although it's the same game. Any ideas on fixing this one?

  6. These problems can be tricky. Your best bet is to try downloading the game again from other websites and hope it works. And make sure the game is the same region as yours (i.e. if your game is US don't download the Euro version).

  7. A CUE file doesn't have anything to do with saves. When it comes to PSX games, the CUE file is only necessary for when you want to burn your PSX game to a CD-R. Otherwise it's useless.

  8. It's easy. If the game you're playing already has a save function on the real PlayStation system, then via an emulator it will allow saving by default. You don't need to do anything special to set it up. ePSXe also offers a save feature that saves the exact spot you are in the game. Press F1 to save and F3 to recall the save. But be careful with ePSXe's save feature because sometimes it freezes the game. It's better to use the in-game saving.

  9. sory i want to ask for the save game. i use psx 1.9 and i want to save HARVESTMOON BCN . first i put the esc and than run and save game(f2) right? slot 1. and if i save and load again thats workperfect. but if i exit the game after save game. i lost my data. can u tell me about this?

  10. Ummm when I use the in game save function it does not save how I want to. What happens is it 'saves' my game and I am able to load it whenever while I have the game running as is. But as soon as I close it and re open that game and try to load that 'save' it says there is no data… and the save state functions seem to not work as well 🙁

  11. Question; Playing Spyro 2, on 1.9.0, just fine. Next day I try to load my games, my saves disappeared in a sense they they are still there. My emulator just randomly started to load a much older save that really should not exist, my other saves are there but it just not longer detects them. changed the memory cards and now it appears that my Emulator just crashes, I Excluded it from DEP, it still crashes. So I just DELETED my saves so that I only use Save States, Still crashes. Now I just have Save States, and it's frustrating, still can't play. :I

  12. I tested my .bin as my memory card and it actually works mine. I have a question can I convert that bin into MCR? I need to finish  FF VIII and had a problem getting stuck on certain parts in the game. and I'm near finishing it.

  13. Hey man im having a same issue as someone else, im using epsxe 1.7 starteer but it comes with no mcr files in the memcards folder and so everytime i save it may save once but after i play it again its not there anymore, If i had a way to get the memcard mcr file that be great do you have any advice?

  14. Help me friend, did everything right over my rom does not read the memory card, and have saved the game there propio (I downloaded the memory card) help me ae porfavor great video!
    (I do not speak english)

  15. how do u use save state? f3 to save doesnt work and load state doesnt work. i find this emu alot harder than psx113 

  16. Help me bro, i have stuck w my winning eleven save data. The save showing GME file not MCR file. What can i load my data save now? 🙂 

  17. Hello can somebody help me, i have got my old PS1 saved file game in my old PS1 memory card. the problem is how do i transfer my old PS1 saved file game in PS1 memory card to ePSXe emulator? 🙁

    Im running epsxe to play final fantasy tactics and the memory card saves it in mcr format. i have tried memcard rex and other memory card editors but they REFUSE to turn it into a gme file that i can use with a save editor (fftastic) Please shed some light if this can be done or not.

  19. Can you help me? When i play and save a game and i quit the game. When i play that game again my save file is gone. I choose load and  my save data isn't there or no data in my memcard. I really really confuse now. Anyone know what's wrong with my memcards?

  20. When i attempt to save my Controller Settings in Panzer Front i get the message that i don't have enough space to save in my memory card, how do i fix this?

  21. So, i had the classic problem which is the "saving that disappears" from the mem card, i disabled the read-only bullshit option on the folder. Can you assure me that it's this option that screwed my saving files up? I'm glad I found an answer to this fucking shit 'cause I lost like 2 or 3 hours of CTR and Toy Story…

  22. sorry my ignorance, but how can i transfer my files from THE REAL (i mean physical) memory card of my psx to the pc? there a special device can i connect to my pc? thanks for your help

  23. can someone help me, i'm at the psycho mantis part of mgs i was hoping to hear him talk about my save files for silent hill and castlevania symphony of the night and all i get is "your memory is completely clean" do i have to beat them or do you think there's something wrong with my emulator i double checked and i have the right memory card enabled he does comment on how often i save the game, please help

  24. can someone help me? I'm playing ff9 and I can save and load data fine, but the data doesn't appear on the memory card file. If I run bios to view the data I can't see any ff games, but the saves are in the folder in the memory card saves and load up fine in game. I'm trying to copy this across to another device but it can't find any save data for this gsme at all. all other games show up on the memory card though

  25. OK, there's a problem. I followed all the steps, but when I want to select the saved file of SOTN inside the game, it appears as "used" and doesn't allow me to open it. What can I do?

  26. I'm trying to play metal gear solid and when I go to save or load the game sits there and processes but doesn't ever finish. if I interupt the saving then it still updates and saves (or at least that's what it says on the memorycard

  27. I have a problem with Metal gear Solid that when i save or load, it keeps doing it and never saves/loads. Any idea how I can fix that?

  28. I have a problem with my memory card, I played Silent hill everyday and its working properly then suddenly I played it today and when I load it it says "The data is damaged" wtf.. Can I open the save file then move it to another new memory card or any idea how can I fix that memory card? I think my memory card's been corrupted I don't know.. 🙁

  29. This is a awesome tut. I myself have been fighting with a FF IX save for weeks now. I haven't been able to get it to work on my ps2 with a ps1 mem card or in epsxe. The iso or bin I have is NTSC.
    I put the mcr save in my mem card folder but the game will not see it. As for my ps2, Ive tried everything I can possibly think of including a raw save and ulaunchELF refuses to copy the save to my ps1 mem card

  30. You should use 7zip instead, its free and capable of extracting .7z, and doesn't cost like Winrar does after its trial.

  31. My emulator wont let me load a memory save and it wont let me use the f1 save style as the button just make a help guide for Microsoft pop up. Any help?

  32. I played Crash bandicoot 3 and i saved the game. After I exit from ps1 emulator (ePSX), and then reopen it, started the game, there wasnt any saved game file in the game. All the slots were empty. What should I do? help me!!!!

  33. I had my computer crash earlier today while playing through Digimon World 3, having just saved, and despite having worked fine for the past two days, when I rebooted the file was gone. This was with epsxe 2.0. Is this a common occurrence?

  34. Maybe some one knows, im running epsxe on android and i run bios and i can see the saves i've transferred from pc to the memcard, but when i boot the games they dont see the saves.. 😛

  35. my epsxe emulator does save as save state and memcarfile but it doesn't apear in the folder, i haven't any .mcr file not 00 nor 01

  36. I did this, and all of my ePSXe's save file got wiped out except for the game's data that I transferred, although I have save states but it is not reliable. Any tips on how can I save using these save states or how can I bring back those old saves?? thanks!

    Btw: Iam using epsxe android version

  37. @FantasyAnime

    Okay, so why do I need to replace epsxe000.mcr with the previous one, when all I have to do is keep both of them, so that I don't have to risk deleting any of my previous saved data??? I assume that if you're in-game, it'll automatically search up the saved data, so it wouldn't make sense to replace the file if you can just keep both, not to mention that the files would be auto-labeled as 1, 2, 3, 4, etc so you wont lose one (or just rename them), though I doubt you'll need to seach for them (since the PS1 would auto-search your game data).

  38. I don't seem to have a zip version of a safe file.. I'm new to this, but trying to figure it out all out. Where can i find the save file?

  39. EPSXE 1.9. for androidDigimon world 3-game (not in zip file but on pbp file)
    Whenever I save and load it using mem card it always shows "fail to access" but when I go saving it by save state and load state it really works. I'm still trying to fix why it can't be saved thru mem card save but I can't find a solution. :/

  40. Man, please help me 🙁
    I just format my pc, so I have lost all the files, but before a made a back up of the all epsxe folder (including obviously the memcards folder). And I need to recover my save of crash bandicoot 3, but when I put the "epsxe000.mcr" in the new memcards folder of my new epsxe, the game says that the memory card is empty. How it is possible? I have tried to import saves from other pages, but always it says that the slots are empty (the same with crash 3 and crash 2). Some advice? Thank u 🙁

  41. Since this channel seems to be still active I'll ask this. I have Pack Man World 25th Anniversary Edition and when I go to Memory Cards to load in this file here. it just spins forever loading when I click (load)

  42. Hello are u still there ?? I need help i played a game and then i saved it but in side the game ,,and then i closed the emulator and opened it back and everything was gone i found nothing saved in the game so how can i save then ?? Am i supposed to save my game somewhere else ??

  43. I had a save before doing these steps that didn't change.
    also, my memcards folder had no memcards.
    any idea where my real memcards location is..?

  44. I have a problem, when i open the game on the emulator, the file just says "USED" and i can't play. How can i fix that?

  45. Is it possible to move saves from android epsxe to PC epsxe & vice versa? I found the save files on my phone under the sstates folder & the files are called SLUS but when I moved them to my Epsxe save folder on my PC now how do I load them?

  46. What do I do with .Gem files? I downloaded a Hydro Thunder GEM file from Game FAQ's and placed it in the mem card folder but the save game won't show up when I start the game. Is the files on that site corrupt?

  47. Is it possible to load someone else's savestate? My friend has the Pal version of the game. I got the pal version too
    . So can I load his state?

  48. Hello…! i'm new here… can someone tell or teach me on how its gonna work on transferring my saved games to a new that im about to download a NEW ePSXe EMULATOR, because the LAUNCHER of the previous ePSXe has been deleted by my AVG as ive suspected. is it OK to COPY and PASTE please correct me if im wrong.

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