SSD vs HDD Performance Comparison

Ayubowan (May You Live LOng) Today we are talking about the best solution for your slow Laptop / PC Subscribe Tech Tunez Welcome to Tech Tunez Youtube Channel In very first, please open the Task Manager Types of Hardisk we have Left: Desktop Hard Disk (Big one) Right: Small Hard Disk (Small one) They use a magnetic method for data read/write It’s a Very Slow method! Solution: I propose to replace an SSD (Solid State Drive) Hikvison C100 is the cheapest SSD SSD have Chipset for data storing So, it gives very fast read-write speed Looks like a laptop hard disk It has SATA port and SATA power connector We can connect it to Desktop / Laptop This is the Hard Disk Read-Write Speed of my laptop It’s Very Slow This is the SSD Read-Write Speed of my laptop 14X speedier than HDD We can connect SSD to your Core2Duo, i3, i5, i7, i9 or whatever pc you have Youtubers, Video Editors must change to SSD If you are edit videos using Core2Duo, Replace SSD. It turbo boost your rendering/editing speed Every Hard Disk uses a Very High rate in Windows! It’s the reason for slow PC Slow HDD uses a high rate for RAM and Processor SSD, Boot time is very low As well as it helps to boost working speed Subscribe for More Videos! Thank You! Have a Nice Day!

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