32 thoughts on “Turn That Spare SSD Into an External Drive for Less Than $60”

  1. Why did they complicate tings with the screws under the rubber strip and by having to mount the SSD on the other side when opening the enclosure? I do not understand why do people still do a 90% job. Maybe for the mounting they need a fixed panel for the thermal paste but for opening, the screws could have been placed else ware. I have a T3 drive but from time to time the PC doesn't see it. Also the copying speed is so slow. Maybe a future video on how to set up ultimate home media movie storage ssd/hdd/drive would be great.

  2. If I'm not wrong then you should have removed the specification sticker on the SSD for thermal pad to dissipate heat properly.

  3. Great idea as i have just received my HP Spectre x360 2-in-1, do you or anybody know if there is a small unit like the one in the video but is Thunderbolt3?

  4. Does the Samsung SSD Magician software work with this enclosure? Such as for disk cloning & firmware updates?
    If not, maybe Samsung will offer their own brand of external enclosure solution that will.

  5. 3.0 is renamed 3.1 gen1 (soon 3.2 gen 1).
    What you mean by 3.1 is probably 3.1 gen2 (soon 3.2 gen 2)..

    I don't see why it would REQUIRE 3.1 gen2, only that it would be optimal.

  6. Just a waste of money, I mean really, the only use I can see is if one had an early nvme drive that was expensive, and has been replaced by a new larger drive. In that case were talking a 120 GB drive here. An excellent paperweight, but hardly useful as an external drive.Just my opinion, but I could be wrong.

  7. Why would I pay near $50 for the enclosure when you can get off fleabay for like 10-12 shipped? C'mon, these been around a couple years now if not longer

  8. Hey Dan,

    I got one of these awhile back, but unfortunately it doesn't always boot when I plug it in (low LED brightness).
    When it does boot (high/blinking LED) though, every so often (20min upto 2hrs) it disconnects for a fraction of a second (USB_disconnect.wav) and if I am playing a game from that drive it will crash soon after (also weirdly no USB connect/disconnect apps pick it up).

    Any thoughts? Maybe there's still a way to fix it.

  9. Come on, 3.0 was renamed as 3.1 gen 1 and recently renamed again as 3.2 gen 1. Please mention this as gen 2 cause all gen 2 have 10Gb bandwidth while all gen 1 and 3.0 have 5Gb bandwidth.

  10. The M.2 case used in this video is quite expensive, around US$40.
    I've bought 2 cheaper alloy cases that cost under $10 and perform as you would hope, fast speeds, very solid case, small, etc.
    Look out for them on eBay/Amazon/AliExpress, search for "M.2 case"

  11. Checked the specs. Computer has a free PCIe x4 slot. I'll go the M.2 PCIe to PCIe 3.0 x4 Adapter route.

    I have a spare SSD. Because the nameless computer manufacturer's tower only allowed one NVMe drive. The NVMe SSD was the boot drive. And the screw over the SSD had a drive* so small the screw was unusable. Silly me. I bought a better, faster, bigger NVMe SSD ahead of time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    *drive == the grooves on the screw head

  12. So do you think it's ok to leave the SSD's sticker label over the chips? No significant hindrance against heat transfer to the thermal pad?

    I bought a cheapo generic enclosure that also provided thermal pads, but without pasting any, the enclosure already heats up to scalding levels. I'm sure how the thermal pad is beneficial unless it's supposed to transfer even more heat to the casing to boiling levels.

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